Calculate Potential Revenue

This is a simplistic calculation of the potential security lending revenue our technology can generate for you.

We recommend that private companies start at a minimum lending rate of 10.00%.

It can be significantly higher!

Companies can employ a fixed lending rate schedule or an escalating lending rate schedule based on demand to borrow/short. ICS will work with each company to develop algorithms that optimize the company's security lending revenue.

ICS's patented technology allows a company to customize its security lending program to benefit from increased short selling around key events like earnings, issuance, and announcements.

Additionally, because 100% of of a company's security lending program is managed by ICS, our patented technology also provides the company with the opportunity to capture security lending revenue from all high-frequency (intraday) shorting of its shares, including short sales lasting microseconds.

Get started Today

Create a New Profit Center

Our proprietary security lending technology can create new, substantial revenue for your company.

Build Recurring Revenue

Generate security lending revenue, quarter after quarter, every time your security is borrowed by short sellers.

No Direct Cost to You

We provide our patented technology for free, and manage your entire security lending program, in exchange for a percentage of the security lending revenue generated.

Our proprietary software is only available through our trusted partners.

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