About ICS

Interest Capturing Systems provides patented financial technologies that address inefficiencies in financial markets.


We manage your entire security lending program, while you enjoy a significant, recurring revenue stream.

We Make Our Patented Technology Available at No Direct Cost to You

Our patented security lending technology is free* and allows a security issuer (equity/debt, public/private) to capture 100% of the security lending revenue generated when short sellers borrow/short the issuer’s security.

* We provide our patented security lending technology for free and manage your entire security lending program, in exchange for a percentage of the security lending revenue generated.

We Encourage Short Selling

Importantly, our goal is not to discourage short selling. We want to encourage short selling by setting lending rates designed to optimize security lending income for the security issuer.


Jay Hardison

Mr. Hardison worked at hedge funds and banks structuring, trading, and selling foreign exchange and interest rate derivatives.

He holds an MBA (Finance) from Columbia Business School and a BA (Econ.) from UNC-Chapel Hill.

How Much Revenue Could You Capture?

Enter a few key values into our calculator and get an immediate result.

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