Our patented short selling technology enables all security issuers to receive 100% of the security lending revenue when short sellers borrow/short their security.


Our technology assures that no more than 100% of a company’s float can be borrowed/shorted.

Private Company Shares

ICS will implement and manage your private share security lending program and deliver valuable, recurring revenue that private companies, ranging from start-ups to mature companies, can use to reward employees, founders, and investors, or can use for other corporate purposes.

Publicly-Traded Shares

ICS will implement and manage a security lending management program for publicly-traded companies allowing them to benefit directly/financially from ALL short selling in their shares.

Intraday Short Selling

Our patented security lending technology allows a company to profit directly from all short selling in its shares, including intraday short selling by program traders, for periods as short as microseconds, on all exchanges and trading venues.


Benefits All Debt Security Issuers

Our proprietary short selling technology can benefit all debt security issuers including corporate, municipal, state, and sovereign debt issuers.

Lower the Cost of Borrowing

Security lending income generated through borrowing/shorting (including CDS’s and other derivative securities and instruments) can be applied directly to debt service, thereby lowering the cost of borrowing – both present and future.

No Direct Cost to You

We offer our technology for free in exchange for a percentage of the security lending revenue generated.

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